Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Embracing The Stillness

In the Stillness ... Precious ... Sacred ... Scenes ... Unfold .....

Allowing for Stillness, practicing Patience, and Trusting that life unfolds perfectly for us, is difficult.

Our society and cultural values place a high premium on Doing versus Being.

Unconscious Doing can become distraction to the Soul, negating experiencing of one's higher purpose.

Within the Stillness, beyond the empty Loneliness is vibrating Pulsation, resounding Heartbeat, the essence of Creation - your essence in connection to the Creation.

Close your eyes to the world of distractions - deceptively clamoring at you from all sides .....

Follow your Soul's loving invitation into the Stillness, hear your Heart sing, let your Breath catch with awe and wonder. Experience the Light - beautiful - coming from nowhere, shining on nothing ..... A tremendous Presence fills the infinite abyss.

Experience Joy in blissful union with your whole Self.

--Much Love, Linda Philpott